The Simple Most Reliable 

Way To Deliver Successful Transformation Projects


FastRailsTM is a radical new method for accelerating timelines, reducing complexity and removing risk often assocaited with "last mile" transformation project implimentation and delivery.

FastRailsTM has been developed & tested "in the field" to deal with the real world challenges facing organisations implementing transformation across their enterprises, incuding continuous delivery, DevOps and BizOps projects.

FastRailsTM is not a project management methodology in itself, it's been designed to be an extension to your current project management methodologies capability. Consider FastRailsTM as a fasttrack plugin for projects.

FastRailsTM has tested across a diverse range of projects and has proven to significantly accelerate delivery velocity, optimise resource utilisation, reduce risks whilst minimising complexity.  

FastRailsTM is a highly adapatable, versatile approach and has been designed to fit with the way your organisation works rather than the other way around. 

What is FastRailsTM?

FastStepTM creator James kingham  has developed the FastRailsTM project delivery method to specifically help businesses implement transformation programs, portfolios and projects more effectively.  James is a leading expert at helping  businesses to build their capability to lead, manage, support and successfully deliver transformation across the enterprise. You can find out more at


3 Simple Steps is all you need 

Simplified implementation, Reduced wastage, Fast delivery, optimised results


Simple "use anywhere" structure. FastRailsTM Leverages and optimises implimentation &  delivery

Fast agile planning focused on delivering results



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